Hi, I am Zeynep

Junior Full-stack Developer
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Zeynep H. K.

Web developer
I have huge passion for programming with a good eye for design. I design website with Javascript. I have experience on material design. I have also experience in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, NodeJs, React, Knex, SQL and testing libraries. I design and code beautifully simple things, and I love what I do.


All-in-one-4HER is a startup project that aims to help highly educated newcomers in Belgium to find a study or job. This platform help user to find necessary information about process and create profile to match experienced mentor to retrieve good guidance

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Optis team have a ‘marketing’ team that makes sure that the Optis Branding is consistent, relevant and attractive in its industry as all companies. Team uses social media channels. In order to plan the content team posts on these, I crated a web-application that all team members can use and work together on.

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Zeynep H.K.

ZeynepH.K. is the product of my pursuit in developers' world. I would like to raise my voice to developers' world to be one of them. I changed the designed over the time. But finally I decided to stick with material design bootstrap. Avatars and logo were also designed by me.

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Open Recognition

Open Recognition is open-source project that was one of the projects in Open Summer of Code which is a 4-week summer programme in July. The goal: provide network and support necessary to transform open source/innovation projects into powerful real-world services.

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